Danube Wavez Residence - Payment Plan

  Liwan, Wadi Al Safa 2, Dubai

Payment Plan

The payment plan crafted for Wavez by Danube Properties is meant to be attractive and flexible. Here, the basic intention is to present you with feasible options, so as to help you secure an apartment of your choice. In addition to these, you are also likely to get access to lucrative offers.

Attractive 50/50 Post-Handover Payment Plan

Installment Payment (%) Milestone
Down Payment 10% On Purchase Date
1st to 4th Installment 4% Within 4 months (1% / month) from purchase date
5th Installment 10% Within 5 months from purchase date
6th to 9th Installment 4% Within 9 months (1% / month) from purchase date
10th Installment 7% Within 10 months from purchase date
11th to 14th Installment 4% Within 14 months (1% / month) from purchase date
15th Installment 7% Within 15 months from purchase date
16th to 19th Installment 4% Within 19 months (1% / month) from purchase date
Post Completion 50% Within 50 months (1% / month) after handover